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Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth
Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth

Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth

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Item #:SGRC-62230
Silicone Gun & Reel Cloth by The Outdoor Connection leaves a lustrous, lasting, protective film on all metal, wood and plastic surfaces. The double-napped, 100% cotton flannel cloth is impregnated with pure silicone and then packaged in a convenient re-closable poly bag, staying clean and moist after use. Use on firearms, sporting equipment and precision instruments to safely remove dust and corrosive fingerprints.

Key Features:
  • Removes fingerprints
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Polishes metal and wood
  • Cloth treated to absorb dirt and residues
  • Reuseable storage pouch
  • Handy and convenient travel size

  • 100 sp inches (10" x 10"), Poly Bag
  • Quantity: 1 cloth

  • Although, upon opening this product for the first time it may feel dried out, the cloth is impregnated with silicone and will work effectively.

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