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ScaleTech Snake Protection Gaiters
ScaleTech Snake Protection Gaiters - Camo

ScaleTech Snake Protection Gaiters

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ScaleTech is a revolutionary, patented technology that blends modern materials with ancient concepts. Our snake protection gaiters are specifically designed to protect outdoor enthusiasts from venomous snakes like copperheads, cotton mouths, and rattle snakes. The ScaleTech patented design overlaps the layers and eliminates the gap between pads that you find in other brands. So tough they're not only snake proof, but briers and thorns can't penetrate them either. Water-repellent fabric, brier and brush protection. Adjustable straps.

  • ScaleTech patented technology overlaps the layers, eliminating gaps between pads
  • Provides snake protection from knee to ankle
  • Water-repellent fabric
  • Brier and brush protection
  • Quick buckles with adjustable straps

  • Green

  • One size fits most, up to 21" calf
  • Overall length: 13"

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