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Ringneck Pheasant, Adult Flight Birds

Ringneck Pheasant, Adult Flight Birds

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Our Ringneck Pheasant adult flight birds are a must-have for training your bird dog. After being raised in our 50' x 500' flight pens, these birds will fly as if they were raised in the wild.
These pheasants should be kept in covered pens on well-drained soil. If pheasants are held in a separate pen during the winter, they should be taken from the winter holding pens and put in laying pens about four weeks before the mating season, which is often about the first of March. Pheasants should be culled at this time and only select pheasants kept as breeding stock. Cornstalks or brush should be placed in the center of the pen as a hiding place should animals such as cats and dogs come too close.

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  • September through February or until sold out.

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