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Quilomene Shell Loops - CLOSE OUT!
Quilomene Shell Loops

Quilomene Shell Loops - CLOSE OUT!

Sale Price: $8.00
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16 gauge
DISCONTINUED, only 16GA left!

For those of you who are multi-gauge shooters, you can now get extra shell loops in the gauges you need to outfit your Quilomene Hydration Vest. Multi-gauge shooters can interchange their shell loops quickly and easily with the use of hook and loop strips. 

These shell loops are created for a specific gauge shotgun shell. A 1.5" wide strip of non-stretch webbing is sewn onto a 4" wide piece of Velcro. They adhere to two thin strips of Velcro in the pockets of your Quilomene Hydration Vest or Quilomene San Carlos Hydration Vest. Rip one set out and exchange for another size quickly or leave them in forever.  Sold in sets of 2, one for each pocket.  Order as many gauges as you need. 

Shell Loop Sizing:
  • 12 gauge (16 loops) - SOLD OUT
  • 16 gauge (18 loops)
  • 20 gauge (18 loops) - SOLD OUT
  • 28 gauge (20 loops)

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