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Northern Bobwhite Quail, Chicks
Northern Bobwhite Quail, Chicks

Northern Bobwhite Quail, Chicks

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Due to COVID-19, we do not have access to any game birds for the current season. At this point we do not have an ETA for when they might be available again or whether or not we will be able to offer them anytime in the future. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

The Northern Bobwhite Quail is a small, quick, alert game bird with elegantly striped and speckled plumage. Distinguishable from the white throat and stripe over the eye, the Bobwhite Quail is native to North America and its plumage is effective camouflage in dry, grassy plains or snowy hills. The name "bobwhite" comes from it's characteristic whistling call and is one of the most familiar quails in Eastern North America because it is frequently the only species of quail in its range.

Like most game birds, the Northern Bobwhite is shy and elusive. When threatened it will crouch and freeze, relying on camouflage to stay undetected, but will flush in low flight if closely disturbed. Introduce Bobwhite Quail to your property for effective, natural insect control or use Bobwhite Quail for breeding, egg production or hunting.

Our Bobwhite Quail chicks are from some of the best genetics you will find. Our game bird farm has supplied many bird preserves as well as Quail Restoration Surrogator customers with chicks to raise and release on their own land with great success! 

Day-old chicks are shipped weekly based on selected hatch date. *Hatch dates are subject to change without prior notice. We may need to shift your hatch date slightly to the closest available date on our hatchery's schedule. 

  • April through November
  • Select your preferred Hatch Date

Quantities Available:
  • 100 chicks
  • 250 chicks
  • 500 chicks
  • 1000 chicks

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