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Mud River Magnum Hoss Food Bag
The Magnum Hoss Food Bag

Mud River Magnum Hoss Food Bag

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Designed for both owners of single or multiple dogs, The Magnum Hoss Food Bag by Mud River will help to keep all your dog's fed during travel. The PVC lining will ensure oils in the food do not leach to the outside of the bag. Whether on a single day outing or a multi-day trip, The Hoss will carry the amount of food you need.

  • Water-resistant laminate material exterior
  • Oil-resistant inner lining
  • Roll and buckle closure
  • Zipper storage at base for food and water bowls
  • Exterior Dimensions: 11" x 23.5" (W x H)

  • up to 30 lbs of dry food

  • Orange
  • Green

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