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Motorola ScoutBark100
Motorola ScoutBark100

Motorola ScoutBark100

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Item #:ScoutBark100
Keep Spot quiet!

The Motorola automatic no-bark collar offers instant feedback to your dog to discourage excess barking. The collar senses the vibration produced by your dog's vocal chords when he barks and delivers a pulse of ultrasonic sound that is outside the range of human hearing. After which you can choose between 9 static correction levels – from very gentle to firm – to match your dog's temperament and personality. The ScoutBark100 also allows your pup 5 seconds of free barking to express themselves, making it a fair and consistent approach to limiting excessive barking.

Equipped with a built-in smart sensor, the SCOUTBARK100 allows your dog to bark freely for 5 seconds before issuing a warning tone. If your dog continues to bark, the collar will emit a static stimulation, designed to correct his barking. Once Spot quiets for 2 minutes or more, he’s given 5 more seconds of 'free' bark time.

The ScoutBark100 has 9 levels of static correction – a dynamic range of static stimulation levels to assist in discouraging inappropriate behaviors. The lowest levels are a hardly perceptible tickle while the highest levels are very firm, effective with high drive, difficult dogs under the most critical of situations. Use Levels 1 thru 4 for timid and average dogs and the highest levels for the most committed, difficult barkers.

  • Intelligent design
  • Allows natural barking for 5 seconds
  • Static correction can be avoided by honoring the warning tone
  • Automatically activated only by dog wearing collar unit
  • 9 levels of static correction - from gentle to firm
  • Vibration helps reinforce static correction
  • Lightweight
  • Collar unit: 3.06"L x 1.13"W x 1.20"H
  • Nylon collar strap: 26"L x 1"W
  • Water resistant
  • Low-battery indicator
  • User-replaceable CR2450 lithium battery (included) - additional replacement batteries sold separately
  • Ideal for pets over 15 lbs

In the Box:
  • Pet Collar Unit
  • Nylon Strap
  • 2 long collar contacts
  • 2 short collar contacts
  • CR2450 battery (installed in collar)
  • User's Guide

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