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Jumbo Bobwhite Quail, Adult Flight Birds

Jumbo Bobwhite Quail, Adult Flight Birds

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Our Jumbo Bobwhite Quail adult flight birds are a must-have for training your bird dog. After being raised in our 50' x 500' flight pens, these birds will fly as if they were raised in the wild.
The Jumbo Bobwhite is a ground dwelling bird native to the United States. The name "bobwhite" comes from it's characteristic whistling call and is one of the most familiar quails in Eastern North America because it is frequently the only species of quail in its range.  Like most game birds, the northern bobwhite is shy and elusive. When threatened it will crouch and freeze, relying on camouflage to stay undetected, but will flush in low flight if closely disturbed.  

Bobwhites feed on a variety of weed seeds and grasses as well as insects. Aviary birds are easily maintained with a commercial small seed mix such as fed to finches and parrots. Extra calcium is required and can be supplied in the form of shell grit or cuttlefish bone. 

  • September through March or until sold out.

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