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Hungarian Partridge, Chicks
Hungarian Partridge, Chicks

Hungarian Partridge, Chicks

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We're sorry, due to COVID-19, we do not have access to any birds for the 2020 season, please check back next year. 

Hungarian Partridges are very common and often kept by small breeders as well as large scale game farms, however they are not great for beginners as they are more difficult to keep and breed in captivity.

While they will get along in groups during the winter months, birds must be paired up by early March or fighting will begin. Can be kept on the ground or on wire. Pen sizes should be at least six feet long by two feet wide. If on wire, a portion of the cage should have a solid bottom with sand or straw for the hen to nest in. They are hardy birds and able to withstand temperature extremes. Prefer open areas, farmlands and brush.

Day-old chicks are shipped weekly based on selected hatch date. *Hatch dates are subject to change without prior notice. We may need to shift your hatch date slightly to the closest available date on our hatchery's schedule. 

  • May through August
  • Select your preferred Hatch Date

Quantities Available:
  • 50 chicks
  • 100 chicks

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