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Game Birds

Whether you're replenishing birds in a natural habitat on your own land, filling up the Surrogator with day-old chicks or need adult flight birds for dog training, we've got your game birds! The most popular of the upland game birds include Chukar, Pheasant, and Quail and we've got them all. Our commitment to all our customers is to supply you with the finest, top quality, hatching eggs, chicks and adult birds that you can find!

Our birds are fed with an excellent quality feed, supplemented with vitamins and probiotics. We only feed the birds at night, so they do not become imprinted by humans, this also helps them better adapt to their new habitat. We raise our game birds in facilities that are isolated from the public. This method enhances their wild-flight instincts and capabilities. The flight pens are 50' x 500' which are constructed of heavy duty netting with heights up to 20'. This allows the birds to learn to fly high as if they were raised in the wild, which also ensures safety for yourself and your hunting dog.