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Gambel's Quail, Chicks
Gambel's Quail, Chicks

Gambel's Quail, Chicks

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Also known as the Arizona, top-knot or desert quail, the Gambel Quail are found in arid areas of the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. Gambel's Quail have also been successfully introduced to Lanai and Hawaii in the Hawaiian Archipelago. This species is a prolific layer in captivity and clutch sizes are quite large.

The range of this quail is made up of varied topography and climatic conditions. It is found from Baja California, Mexico, up through the western states into Canada. Its eastward range goes as for as Nevada, Utah and Idaho with introductions in Colorado.

Day-old chicks are shipped weekly based on selected hatch date. *Hatch dates are subject to change without prior notice. We may need to shift your hatch date slightly to the closest available date on our hatchery's schedule.

  • June through August3
  • Select your preferred Hatch Date

Quantities Available:
  • 50 chicks
  • 100 chicks
  • 250 chicks

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