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Gambel's Quail, Adult Flight Birds (Sold in Pairs)
Gambel's Quail, Adult Flight Birds

Gambel's Quail, Adult Flight Birds (Sold in Pairs)

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Due to COVID-19, we do not have access to any game birds for the current season. At this point we do not have an ETA for when they might be available again or whether or not we will be able to offer them anytime in the future. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

Our Gambel's Quail adult flight birds are sold in pairs. After being raised in our 50' x 500' flight pens, these birds will fly as if they were raised in the wild. We provide you with the best flying quail possible.
The Gambel's Quail is a well known species in aviculture and in the wild. Also known as the Arizona, Top-Knot or Desert Quail, they are found in arid areas of the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. Gambel's Quail have also been successfully introduced to Lanai and Hawaii in the Hawaiian Archipelago. 

This species is often confused with the related Valley Quail. Males of both species share the black top-knot plume. Male Gambel's can be distinguished by having no scaling on the lower breast, but rather having a yellowish belly with a large black spot. The top of the head is rusty brown with a white border and a black face, forehead and chin; the back and upper breast is grayish brown with rusty brown flanks that have white streaks. Females also have a top-knot, but it is much smaller in size. Her overall coloration is similar to the male, but she lacks the black and white face, the black breast spot and the rust color on her is much lighter. The hen is also slightly smaller than the male.

  • September through February or until sold out.

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