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Dog Box Winter Door Vent Covers
DIY Winter Door Vent Covers

Dog Box Winter Door Vent Covers

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14.6" x 7.4" - Fits DIY Box #55046
14.6" x 5.9" - Fits DIY Box #55048
These are replacement parts. The Do-It-Yourself boxes #55046 and #55048 come standard with these vent covers already included in the DIY kits. 

Our heavy-duty diamond tread aluminum vent covers convert your dog compartment doors to all-season vents and help to keep your dogs warm in colder weather. Fits our Owens Do-It-Yourself Dog Boxes. Bolts directly to the door vent using the bolt handle. The vent cover will not entirely cover the door vent in order to allow some fresh air to circulate into the dog box.  Sold in sets of two. 

Sizing Options:
  • 55225 - Fits DIY Box #55046 - 14.6" x 7.4"
  • 55226 - Fits DIY Box #55048 - 14.6" x 5.9"

Installation Instructions:
  • Unscrew the black bolt handle from the front of the winter vent cover.
  • Open the dog compartment door and place the winter vent cover flush against the inside of the dog door with the bolt poking through the bars.
  • Position the vent cover in the desired location on the dog door noting that it will not cover the entire door.
  • Screw the black handle onto the vent cover bolt to secure it in place against the bars.
  • The winter vent cover can be adjusted vertically by sliding the cover up or down to allow fresh airflow above or below the cover or center it vertically to allow airflow both above and below the cover before tightening down the screw handle. 

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