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Do-All Professional 3/4-Cock Single Trap - ST234
Do-All Professional Single Trap Thrower (ST234)

Do-All Professional 3/4-Cock Single Trap - ST234

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Part Number:ST234
This Do-All Professional 3/4-cock Single Trap model is a sit-down model that features a comfortable fold-down chair. The trap has slip-in legs for easy setup in the field or slides easily into a 2-inch hitch receiver on your vehicle.

The single target model is fully adjustable with the patented three-pivot mount that allows you to throw in any direction from a springing teal to a ground-bouncing rabbit and anything in between. A sliding, adjustable-tension spring clip on the throwing arm adjusts quickly to throw any of the five standard targets as singles or stacked doubles with the convenience of 3/4 cock. When the target is thrown, the arm cycles 3/4 of the way through the cycle, only requiring the trapper to push the arm through the last 1/4 of the arc. A durable true roller-bearing clutch and counterbalanced arm assure that this final 1/4 motion is accomplished with a minimum of effort, making it simple to operate for young and old alike.

Each frame is constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing. Assembles in minutes. Comes complete with adjusting wrench. The 3/4-cock model offers a 10 year or One Million Target Warranty on the roller bearing clutch.

  • Returns to 3/4 cock after each throw
  • Effortless cocking with positive locking trigger and quick pull release
  • Sprocket mechanism allows for omnidirectional launching
  • Three pivot mounts allow you to throw targets up to 100 yards in all directions at any angle
  • Can launch single or stacked double clays
  • Sliding adjustable clip for speed and range adjustments
  • Throws all 5 targets as singles or stacked doubles
  • Slip-in legs for easy field setup
  • 2-inch hitch mount for connecting to your vehicle's receiver hitch
  • Constructed of steel and aluminum materials for years of durability
  • Dimensions: 24" x 14" x 10"
  • Maximum Distance: 100 yards
  • Weight: Approx 41 lbs

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