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Do-All Backyard 3/4-Cock Clayhawk - BY34
Do-All Backyard Clayhawk (BY34)

Do-All Backyard 3/4-Cock Clayhawk - BY34

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The Backyard 3/4-cock Clayhawk is a stable, easy to use clay tosser that's perfect for the casual sportsman or woman. After each shot, the Clayhawk returns to the three-quarter position, allowing you to cock it quickly and easily. This clay target thrower features stabilizing ground spikes so the unit will never topple over. The sprocket mechanism can fire clay pigeons up to 70 yards in all directions, angles and planes allowing for bouncing rabbits, low flying birds, and high arcing targets. It will launch single clays or double stacked for even more fun. The Do-All Clayhawk trap shooter is an excellent trap thrower for beginners and avid sportsman alike.

  • Returns to 3/4 cock after each throw
  • Sprocket mechanism allows for omnidirectional launching
  • Launches targets up to 70 yards
  • Can launch single or stacked double clays
  • Sliding adjustable clip for speed and range adjustments
  • Includes steel stabilizing ground spikes
  • Load up to 5 clays or 10 stacked doubles at one time
  • Dimensions: 22.875" x 7" x 4.75"
  • Maximum Distance: 70 yards
  • Weight: Approx 24 lbs

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