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Chukar Partridge, Adult Flight Birds
Chuckar Partridge Flight Birds

Chukar Partridge, Adult Flight Birds

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Due to COVID-19, we do not have access to any game birds for the current season. At this point we do not have an ETA for when they might be available again or whether or not we will be able to offer them anytime in the future. We're sorry for the inconvenience. 

Our Chukar adult flight birds are a must-have for training your bird dog. After being raised in our 50' x 500' flight pens, these birds will fly as if they were raised in the wild.
Chukar Partridge is also known as 'Indian Chukar', 'Red-legged Partridge', 'Rock Partridge', 'Indian Hill Partridge', 'Chukka', 'Chukkar', 'Chukor', 'Chukore', 'Chikone', 'Kabk', 'Kau-Kau', and 'Keklik'. The bird is mostly gray in color, with shades of brown in the tail and secondary wing feathers. It has a white face and red-colored legs. The bird can be easily identified with a black band running down to below the neck from the eyes, which gives the impression of a necklace. Both the male and female Chukars are strikingly similar in appearance; only the females are slightly smaller than the males and have a smaller spur. These birds make a very loud and peculiar sound.  
Chukars are one of the most commonly kept and bred of all game birds and thousands of Chukars are produced each year for hunting preserves and release. Chukars are also known as great birds for beginners, being very easy to keep and breed in captivity.  Chukars are very hardy and can withstand both extremes of temperatures. During the Winter, keep as many birds as you can together so they can covey for warmth.

  • September through February or until sold out.

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