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PEET Boot Dryer

Product #:  M97
Brand:  PEET®
Don't put on a pair of wet boots or waders again. The Peet shoe dryer is your answer on how to control wet, sweaty shoes. Now your footwear can be restored to normal overnight-safely, silently and thoroughly-for healthier, more comfortable feet. Peet's thermal convection drying process removes perspiration, wetness and resulting odor from any type of shoe or boot. Plugs into any 110-volt outlet and air as warm as 120° will have your boots dry by morning. No fan noise since warm air circulates naturally. 

Plug it in and forget it. Warm air rises naturally to circulate and penetrate a child's rain soaked shoes or even hard-to-dry lined Pac boots. Since Peet does not get hot or blow hot air, all footwear can now be dried without fear of shrinkage or stiffness. Even your valuable leather shoes are free from damaging heat.
Made of heavy-duty plastic for years of service. 25-year warranty
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