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Fast-Fill Game Bird Coop

Product #:  COOP-7
Brand:  Kuhl
This Game Bird Coop is made with a solid bottom, swinging end door, sliding top door, and a push-in fast fill end door.  The “fast fill”, push-in end door automatically falls back in place after the bird is inserted inside the coop providing escape free utilization. This coop is also outfitted with a quick release door on the opposite end that provides easy releasing of your fowl. 
This coop has the exact dimensions as the COOP-10 but has the addition of the “fast fill”, automatic, swinging door.  It incorporates all the best in features for gamebird release.  The COOP-7 has the exact dimensions as the COOP 10 and 14 allowing them to be completely stackable with one another.
  • Overall Dimensions: 38"L x 23"W x 10 1/2"H 
  • Inside Height: 8.85"
  • Swinging Side Door: 8" x 13" (approximate)
  • Sliding Top Door: 8" x 13" (approximate)
  • Bottom: solid
  • Capacity: 8-10 pheasants or 10-12 chickens

Our Price: $104.99

Price:  $104.99


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Price: $104.99

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