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Innotek Smart Dog Basic Extra Collar Receiver

Product #:  SD-2025
Brand:  Innotek
A Containment System is the cost-effective alternative to traditional fencing. You create an in-ground hidden fence using a boundary wire. The detailed instructional video and/or DVD guides you through the easy-to-follow self-installation process.

When your dog is wearing a containment collar and approaches the boundary area, he hears a warning tone. If he continues toward the boundary, he receives a harmless but effective electrical stimulus that reminds him to stay in the "safe" part of the yard.

You can also use a containment system to block off areas such as gardens, swimming pools, or anywhere else you don't want your dog to go. If you have a traditional fence, but a dog who likes to dig under or jump over it, installing the boundary wire just inside the perimeter of the fence could be your answer.

Most importantly, these systems provide freedom for your dog to run AND peace of mind for you.
Expand your Smart Dog SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Fence with this compatible collar.  The Innotek SD-2025 is an extra collar receiver for Innotek SD-2000 and SD-2050 systems. It will help you keep your dog safe in the yard. It delivers electronic simulation so that the dogs learn quickly. The collar is battery operated and water resistant and fits necks of 8 to 21 inches diameter.

  • Extra Collar Receiver
  • For Smart Dog SD-2000 or SD-2050 Pet Fencing Systems
  • Delivers Electronic Stimulation
  • Helps Keep Dogs Safe in the Yard
  • Battery-Operated Water-Resistant Receiver
  • For Necks 8 to 21 Inches in Diameter
  • Includes Nylon Collar Strap, Collar Receiver & Contact Points
 Innotek Quick Start Guide - Smart Dog Basic Fence System
 FREE! User's Manual download (click the icon)
 Innotek Quick Start Guide - Smart Dog Basic Fence System
 Models SD-2000, SD-2050, SD-3000, SD-3100
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Price:  $64.99


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Price: $64.99

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