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WYSIWASH Kennel Cleaning System w/ Chlorine Caplets

Product #:  WYS103
WYSIWASH turns water into magic! Trade your current cleaning supplies in for this powerful disinfectant cleaner.  Wysiwash is a revolutionary, patented, 21st century system that changes the way people sanitize. The Wysiwash System will effectively clean, sanitize, and eliminate odors while blasting away dirt with a jet stream of water. The hydro-injection "venturi system" produces a solution of hypochlorous acid that is up to 120 times more effective than liquid bleach.
The Wysiwash system destroys organic contaminants. The active ingredient in Wysiwash has been shown in numerous studies to be effective against:

HIV Virus
MRSA Virus
E. Coli
Swine Flu

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
Distemper Corona Virus

Corona Virus
Feline Herpesvirus
Canine Parvovirus
Feline Calicivirus
Feline Panleukopenia

 and so much moreā€¦
Attaching easily to any pressure washer or garden hose end, Wysiwash allows you to simply point and spray the target area, drastically simplifying commercial cleaning jobs, speeding up pressure washer applications, and taking the bite out of dog kennel cleanup projects. Your job is over in minutes, without any additional cleanup or rinsing, and without the need for other industrial cleaners, extra disinfectant, or additional cleaning agents!
The scientifically designed Wysiwash cleaner quickly and accurately delivers USDA-approved levels of active chlorine disinfectant from the end of any water hose in a safe, easy-to-use manner. Used properly, Wysiwash does not require the batch mixing of dangerous chemical cleaning agents, is non-corrosive to equipment (unlike many industrial cleaners), is not hazardous to skin, and is extremely cost effective for both residential and commercial cleaning applications. Unlike other cleaning supplies, Wysiwash leaves no need for worry about harmful residual substances left on the sanitized area, and Wysiwash cleaning solutions are environment friendly and limit environmental concerns related to corrosion or chemical buildup.
  • Kills bacteria
  • Kills viruses
  • Control mold
  • Controls algae
  • Decreases the need for scrubbing
  • EPA registered
  • USDA-approved levels of chlorine
  • One-step wash
  • Sanitizes equipment and facilities
  • No batch mixing
  • No rinsing necessary
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saves time and money


  • Works with either cold or hot water. (140 degrees F / 60 degrees C)
  • Wysiwash Caplets last up to 3.5 hours continuous use
  • No mixing...no mess...no harmful residues
  • No rinsing necessary
  • ORP rating of 750 millivolts, which means instantaneous pathogen destruction
  • 1 year warranty from manufacturer
  • Includes WYSIWASH Sanitizer Gun and 9 pk of Chorine Caplets.
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