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Pella Bird'n Lite Upland Pack Vest

Product #:  2351
Brand:  Pella
DISCONTINUED BY PELLA, QUANTITIES LIMITED.  (See the Browning equivalent - Bird'n Lite Pack Vest, Item #30568)
The Bird'n Lite line was recently purchased by Browning, See Pella's replacement for the Bird'n Lite now, it's called the Bird Pack (Item#330). (See suggested item(s) to the right). However, we still have some of the original Pella Bird'n Lite items available.
New, patented Bird ’n Lite Technology has re-invented upland clothing. No more being pulled backwards by heavy game & gear. The patented Bird ’n Lite Technology built into this garment lifts, balances and supports your load. Heavily loaded game bags and gear are carried with revolutionary comfort.
The Bird ’n Lite Upland Hunting vest offers many additional features to make upland hunting a pleasure:
  • Full cut for layering and ease of movement.
  • Two triple-compartment cargo pockets feature large flaps with hook and loop closure, shell loops, lanyard, and side entry hand warmer pockets with brushed flannel insert.
  • The front loading game bag is multi-faceted, and includes two water bottle pockets with drawstring elastic cords, a built in rucksack with flap and hook and loop closure, snap-adjustable side take-ups, and game bag zips open from the top for ease of game removal and cleaning.
  • License tab on upper back.
  • Quilted recoil padding both sides.
  • Elastic/adjustable sleeve cuffs.
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Customer Product Review:
I own this vest and it is without a doubt at the top of the heap.  
I have dogs that retrieve everything back to me, couple that with some lazy hunting buddies and I carry quite a load in the field. I pack shells in each front pocket, two water bottles for the dogs, an electronic collar control, and sometimes a water bladder for longer treks. Top all that off with birds, birds, and more birds and it’s a load that definitely needs to be managed.

The built-in shoulder, chest and waist cargo straps allow me to make quick adjustments as the load changes for comfort and stability, which means I can make good shots with a heavy vest, no binding, no excuses.

The bird pouch is easily accessible from the front and both sides with a zipper to help off-load the bag of the day. While walking I can place birds in the bag from all directions with out any assistance. I have comfortably carried as many as ten roosters at once (remember the lazy buddies), and without having them fall out of the bag every time I have to bend over. 

You are going to be amazed at what this vest brings to your hunt, just don’t let your buddies know you can easily manage a heavy load or you’ll be carrying all their birds!
  -- Bob Bartz, Professional Gun Dog Trainer
Price:  $119.95

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