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Quilomene San Carlos Hydration Vest

Product #:  110-115
Brand:  Quilomene
This complete system includes: Upland Hunting Vest, Hydration System, and Shell loops. Don't be fooled by our price as we offer an all-inclusive package, whereas many other sites sell the hydration system and shell loops separately as add-on options.
The San Carlos Hunting Vest is a scaled down version of the Quilomene Hunting Vest, but loaded with features, and designed for shorter hunts.
Similarities - Except for the two quart water system, and seven instead of nine cargo pockets, it has all of the same design features as its predecessor. Shell pockets are the same, gamebag is cut to the same size and the waist-belt shoulder strap system works the same.
Differences - The San Carlos carries the water lower, mostly below the waist belt. The Quilomene Hunting Vest's hydration system sits atop the waist belt. Many of out Eastern hunters prefer this hunting vest as they do not require the larger water system or the cargo capacity of the Quilomene Hunting Vest.
Shoulder Strap-Waist Belt Design Features:
- adjusts to provide a custom fit to hunters of all shapes and sizes.
- allows a hunter to comfortably carry ample water and gear in the nine cargo pockets to accommodate even the most demanding hunts.
- designed to carry the bulk of the hunting vest weight on the waist where it is more easily and comfortably carried.
- shoulder straps have two adjustments and the waist belt three that allow a hunter to get a truly custom and comfortable fit. - - when layering up in colder weather these adjustments allow a custom fit over heaver clothing making it the ideal all-season hunting vest.
Water Capacity:
Water is crucial for both dog and hunter, especially in dry weather and long hunts. Keeping your dog well hydrated pays big dividends and prevents the danger of loosing a dog to dehydration. The San Carlos Vest has a 60 oz. water system (almost half a gallon) - fill it to whatever level you need for your hunt.
Cargo Capacity:
San Carlos Vest has 7 pockets - Two shell pockets, two wallet pockets, one hydration pocket, one cargo pocket on the back and, of course, the ample gamebag. The gamebag on this vest is cut to the same size as the Quilomene hunting vest. It is an easy load rear entry and is not an arm breaker like so many hunting vests. This one you can load your own birds with no problem.
- Medium 30"-33" waist
- Large, 34"-37" waist
- X-large, 38" +
- Tan/Orange
- Tan (solid)
- 12 Gauge Loops (16 loops) 
The Shelloops are built on a 4 inch wide piece of Velcro and attach to corresponding strips in the shell pockets. Multi-gauge shooters can buy sets (pairs) of different gauges and install them in the shell pockets according to the gauge of the gun they are using.
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Price:  $130.00


Shelloop Gauge: 

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