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Wobbler Kit

Product #:  WK600
Brand:  Do-All
The Wobbler accessory kit allows the trapper to change the traps height and direction, by positioning the arm to throw any clay target from a 90 degrees vertical spring teal, to a ground bouncing rabbit, to a flushing pair of standards and virtually anything in between, including curling incomers.

It has the same accessible pivot point, but instead of locking your trap into a different position, by rotating the trap on the gear meshed axis points, you can actually point your trap in any position and release a clay target at the same time.

-Pivot points equipped with nylon bearings.
-Made of high-grade steel
-Comes with the attachments needed to mount to any Do-All Trap.
-Durable powder coat paint.
-Weight: 9 Lbs.
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Price:  $39.99


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