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Roy Gonia "Special" Orange Whistle

Product #:  SAC00-117XX
Brand:  SportDog
Roy Gonia™ Special Orange Whistle is used to train more field champions than any other whistle. It features a lower pitched sound that carries farther and an easy to blow design. Attached gold color metal ring at top and black plastic Roy Gonia™ logo are on each side of whistle.
Available in two styles, with pea and pealess for different tones. The pea vibrates inside the whistle to produce a warbled type of sound. Pealess models tend to produce a higher, clearer pitch than whistles with a pea. 

The Special without Pea (pealess) offers a no trill/high frequency call that is excellent for working close range or when training puppies. The pealess Special is also ideal for colder months as it will not freeze.

Lifetime Warranty.
  • With Pea (11749)
  • Pealess (11750)
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