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Blazing Splices / 25 ct

Product #:  LV-9000

Snap-Locking Waterproof Connectors with Pre-Filled Silicone (Formerly known as SNAPLOC™ Low-Voltage Wire Connectors.)  1 bag of 25 splices.

  • Best low-voltage connections for underground dog fences, landscape lighting, irrigation & more...
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Quick, compact and easy!

Blazing Wire Connectors are the low-voltage wire connectors designed for the professional pet fence installer. Unlike twist-on connectors, you never have to doubt the connection.

Superior Performance When it Counts Snap-Locking connectors eliminate common install problems:
  • Locking - Never loosens or dangles off wires
  • Foolproof - Never fails to grab the wires
  • Easy - Compact 5-second installation
  • No Mess - Silicone encapsulates connection and will not melt out
  • No Tunneling Effect - No channel for moisture to follow into the connection
  • Vibration Proof - Connection stays secure


Just squeeze and lock to hydraulically pump and pack waterproofing silicone. Pre-filled silicone fully encapsulates all bare wires, closing all entryways against moisture and corrosion. A double O-ring seal bars water from creeping in, and latches lock the connector around the wires. Blazing Wire Connectors™ are vibration-proof and never dangle off the wires.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Connector Problems- Eliminate Expensive Call-Backs Because of Faulty Wiring

Professionals generally check the wiring first when examining a faulty pet containment system because traditional connectors regularly fail to maintain the connection and protect it from moisture and corrosion. Blazing Wire Connectors™ are the solution - They're the economical connectors that make the connection first and seal it second.

"A poor wire connection will always lead to an expensive and time-consuming call back. A call back takes time and money out of your pocket... Unlike ordinary twist-on wire connectors that traditionally cause gaps into which moisture can enter and accumulate, Snaploc wire connectors are 100-percent water resistant."
--Tech Times, Official quarterly of Irrigator Technical Training School, CA ("Snaploc...Innovation at Its Best!", Fall 2001)

Blazing Wire Connectors™ Installation Instructions

Additional Tools Required: None.
  1. Strip wires 3/4" and group bare wire ends together. No pre-twisting necessary with solid wire. Pre-twist stranded wire. If using both wire types, wrap stranded wire around solid wires (see illustration 1A).
  2. Insert wires through flexible sealing fingers and bend wires into either "V-Channel".
  3. Push inner sleeve into pre-filled outer sleeve until double-locked. Pre-filled silicone fully waterproofs the connection. Do not reuse connector.  
Our Price: $24.95 / bag of 25 splices
Price:  $24.95


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