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Automatic Egg Turner

Product #:  KC-1612
Brand:  Kuhl
Compatible with our square HOVA-BATOR Incubators (#KC-1602). Our automatic egg turner also fits any 18" square incubator models such as the Still-Air & Turbofan. The egg turner includes 6 egg racks, each rack holds either 7 or 20 eggs depending on which size you order.  

Product photo Voltage Description

Item # 1611

Designed for chicken, bantam, pheasant, guinea or partidge eggs. Each rack holds 7 eggs for a total of 42 eggs.


Item #1612 

Designed for quail eggs. Each rack holds 20 eggs for a total of 120 eggs.

Item #1621
Same as Item #1611 but with 220V.  Designed for chicken, bantam, guinea or partridge eggs. Holds 42 total eggs.



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Price: $89.99

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