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Radians Hunter's Ear Advantage Max-4 HD

Product #:  HE4M00CS
Brand:  Radians
The Hunter's Ears utilize unique electronic technology to give the outdoorsman an advantage in the field while providing hearing protection in the presence of firearms. The Hunter's Ears enhance low level sounds to provide better hearing while in the field to allow the hunter to pick up many game sounds that have never been detected before. The dual external microphones with independent controls allow accurate directional pinpointing of even the smallest of game sounds. With the forward facing microphones, you can determine which direction that a turkey might be gobbling or an elk might be bugling without the need for any rotating movement.

The Hunter's Ears provide the ultimate concealment for the hunter. This is the first high performance electronic sound amplification ear muff that is available in a variety of camouflages. Instead of wearing a solid color ear muff that game might recognize as out of place in the outdoors, the Hunter's Ears offer concealment while hunting.

If a shooter is on a shooting range, he will still be able to hear the instructor without having to remove the hearing protection while other firearms are discharging. If a hunter is in the woods using a turkey call, duck call, or elk call, he will still be able to hear a response due to the compression technology while still offering protection from sounds above 85 dB. In passive mode the noise reduction rating is 23 dB.


- Automatically compresses harmful noise
- Protection from sounds above 85 dB
- Two forward-facing microphones
- Independent volume controls
- Adjustable CoolMax® headband
- Provides warmth in cold or windy weather
- Provides concealment while hunting
- Batteries provide approximately 280 hours of continuous use
- Six AAA batteries included
- Two replacement microphone covers
- Three design choices: Advantage Max-4 HD, Mossy Oak, Realtree Hardwoods Green HD.
Folds up tightly for easy storage.
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