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Chukar Partridge Chicks

Product #:  CH-CK
Chukars resemble other members of the genus Alectoris, being mostly gray all over with a black band from the eyes, down to below the neck. They also have several black bars on the flanks. The sexes are similar, with the female having a smaller knob on the legs than the males. Males also appear to be somewhat larger as well. Both sexes share the bright red bill and legs. Chukars are great birds for beginners as they are so easy to keep and breed. Like most other partridges, Chukars do best when kept in wire-bottom pens. Chukars are very hardy and can withstand both extremes of temperatures in Summer and Winter.
Day old chicks are shipped based upon a hatch date. so please select your desired hatch date from our available dates list and then allow up to 2 days for delivery after that date.

WE CANNOT GUARANTEE LIVE DELIVERY! Once live birds are handed to the US Postal Service for delivery, their care is out of our hands and thus any risks and responsibility associated with their delivery falls upon them and the customer. Please indicate "I take responsibility" in the text field acknowledging that live delivery is not guaranteed.  Without your acknowledgement, we cannot process your order. 
- Available March through August or until sold out.
- Minimum order = 50 chicks
- Quantity discounts are offered. 
Available Hatch Dates: (Hatch dates are subject to change without prior notice. We may need to shift your hatch date slightly to the closest available date based on our hatchery's schedule.)
  • August 9th, 2016


*USPS cannot guarantee overnight delivery to all destinations due to airport locations and flight schedules. Depending on your delivery destination Express Mail delivery times are within 24-48 hours. We do not ship on the weekends, shipments are made Monday - Thursday, so deliveries can be made Tuesday - Saturday. Shipment may be delayed due to weather conditions.
$3.40 each + $30.00 shipping
Our Price: $200.00
$3.38 each + $42.00 shipping
Our Price: $380.00
$2.36 each + $45.00 shipping
Our Price: $635.00
$1.99 each + $65.00 shipping
Our Price: $1060.00
$1.70 each + $125.00 shipping
Our Price: $1820.00

 ** Some states require the following for each Chukar Partridge Day Old Chicks order:
  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. $45.00
  • Health Certificate. $67.00
**PLEASE NOTE!! Once an order has been placed, it CANNOT be CANCELED. This is due to setting up hatch date for your chicks and eggs will be placed in an incubator based on the quantity you've ordered.
Price:  $200.00 - $1,932.00


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Certificate of Vet Inspection (+$45.00): 
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$200.00 - $1,932.00

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