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DOGTEK Canicom 200 Remote Training Collar

Product #:  C200
Brand:  DOGTEK
Canicom 200 is an electronic dog collar training system for controlling a single dog with a working range of 200 yards. It features 9 levels of impulse with an LCD display providing optimal control.

Canicom 200 also has the benefit of a flash impulse button which gives consistency to any impulse. If you need to train more than one dog or require a range larger than 200 yards, you can consider our Canicom 400.

  • 9 different levels of impulse - delivered via Flash or Continuous key
  • Continuous Impulse - for use when beginning training
  • Flash Impulse - for use when correcting a trained dog that is misbehaving
  • Beeper Function - used to draw the dog's attention to your commands
  • LCD display - showing impulse level and battery life
  • Magnetic on-off switch
  • Fully Waterproof Collar - totally submersible
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty - All electronic components are covered under warranty for the life of the product with proof of purchase.
  • Is your dog out of control? Is he difficult to train?
    You are not alone. Many dogs simply do not respond to traditional training methods which is why thousands of owners and professional trainers have used Canicom to assist them in their training programs.
    As we all know an out-of-control dog can be a danger to themselves and others. Canicom can help you achieve a well trained and contented dog within days.

    The Canicom universal Training Collar
    weighs less than 3oz including the internal 3v lithium battery. It is totally waterproof and shockproof to withstand a normal dogs lifestyle. The strong adjustable collar fits all neck sizes 20 inches.

    How does it work?
    Used alongside your vocal training commands, your Canicom dog trainer assists you by transmitting a combination of beeps and electric impulses to your dog via the specially designed collar. The beauty of the system is not in its power (we recommend the minimum setting required to get attention) but in the immediacy of the command given. Corrective commands can be given immediately even though your dog is some distance away.  As we all know: an immediate command is an effective command.  As you progress your dog will learn to associate your trigger commands with the electric impulses. Eventually you will be able to reduce, then disable the impulses - using only the beep function. Finally you can dispense with the collar altogether. (As an alternative, a dummy collar can be used at this stage.)
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