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Waterproof Wire Splice Connector

Product #:  GV-splice
Safely and effectively join boundary wire segments for your wired containment system


Most pet containment systems require that separate sections of wire be joined in order to create a continuous loop.

Our waterproof wire splices allow you to safely and effectively join boundary wire segments with no hassle.

Typically, fence kits include a few splices, but oftentimes we find that you’ll need more than are provided. Use our splices to join the included wire for your dog fence during the initial installation. Use it to add additional rolls of wire to increase your containment area. Use it to join regular wire to twisted wire. Or use it to repair broken wire later on.

Our wire splice is a self-stripping waterproof splice...no need to strip the wire, just insert the wire and crimp with pliers to create a quick, insulated, and waterproof connection.

Using the proper connections and splices will also help to avoid wire breaks and system disruption in the future.

We Recommend 3-5 splices for the first 500 feet of wire and 2 splices for each additional 500 feet. This will likely give you a few extras to keep on hand for future use.

Works with any 18-gauge or 20-gauge containment wire.

Our Price: $1.29 each
Price:  $1.29


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