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These healthy and tasty pre-packaged, guilt-free, portion-controlled snack packs can be easily carried in your hunting vest on long treks. Just zip back the plastic lid and enjoy anytime or anywhere!!

How it works:

=>  Choose the foods you want. Select from over 90 portion controlled healthy snacks!
=>  Indicate where you want them sent (home or office) 
=>  Your snacks are delivered via USPS on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule from your list of chosen foods
=>  ENJOY guilt-free snacking anytime or anywhere!

** Each healthy, guilt-free tasty snack has a specific benefit to you. Choose from nuts, dried seeds, juicy dried fruits, tasty crackers, dips and dippers, and natural treats. *** Graze is not suitable for people with food and nut allergies, products may contain traces of gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts, peanuts, soy and milk.

Here's the details:

=> Each graze box contains 4 healthy, guilt-free portion-controlled snacks, which were hand-picked especially for you from your list of selected tasties and are pre-packaged in easy to carry plastic pouches for on-the-go people!

=> Each shipment costs only $6 including delivery via USPS right to your mailbox.

=> The box measures 9"x6"x1" and is designed to fit inside most standard mailboxes.

=> The deliveries are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly as a general rule, but can be delayed until specific ship dates if you happen to be going on vacation and want to postpone.

=> There is no commitment EVER! You may cancel your auto shipments at any time online.


If you sign up using this special link, you will get your 1st and 5th box absolutely FREE!!



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